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Snowbird Car Shipping

The winter months bring freezing temperatures to the northern states which is exactly why snowbirds migrate south for this season. When it c... Read More →

Congratulations Auto Shipping TLC!

Auto Shipping TLC has now been a successful auto transport business for 9 years and shipped over thousands of vehicles. We would like to tha... Read More →

The Coronavirus and Shipping a Car

The Coronavirus has affected us all in some way and this has not been an easy time for anyone. There are many people that have a winter home... Read More →

Auto Shipping TLC Has Been Recognized Once Again

Auto Shipping TLC is a locally based, family-run auto-transport broker that focuses on providing top-of-the-line service. Customers can ship... Read More →

Best Car Shipping Companies In West Palm Beach, Florida

The following was taken directly from a story reported on WPTV in Palm Beach County, Florida. Auto Shipping TLC was prominently mentioned in... Read More →

Auto Shipping TLC is Your Auto Transport Company Of Choice

Auto Shipping TLC is your auto transport company of choice. Shipping your car has never been easier. We provide years of experience and indu... Read More →

End Of Summer - Transporting Vehicles

It was great to enjoy your summer and have fun. The reality is that at one point you need to transport your vehicle and it makes a lot of se... Read More →

Have You Ever Shipped a Vehicle Before?

The first thing we ask any potential customer is "Have you ever Shipped a Vehicle"? Some say yes, some say no. The reason we ask is that I w... Read More →

Auto Shipping TLC and the Better Business Bureau

Auto Shipping TLC has been an A+ accredited member of the Read More →

Auto Shipping TLC Has Opened a Second Office Location

Thanks to all of you for your continued support. Our new customers, as well as referrals and repeat customers have been transporting cars al... Read More →

Fall is Here and Now It'S the Busy Season For Shipping Cars!

Many people are looking to transport autos all over the country and for many reasons. There are many who are shipping their cars to winter h... Read More →

Auto Shipping TLC is Now Rated A+ With the Better Business Bureau!

The Better Busin... Read More →

Press Release For Auto Shipping TLC

Auto Shipping TLC receives the 2015 Best of Boyton Beach Award and we're extremely proud that the Boynton Beach Award Program Honors our Ach... Read More →

Advice - How to Ship My Auto

You're off to college, relocating cross-country for work or on your way to your winter residence. Everything is under control, except on... Read More →

"I Got a Cheap or Better Price to Ship My Car"

Doesn't that sound great? Well, you will learn quickly that most of the time that better price to transport your vehicle is NOT what it ... Read More →

End Of Summer - Transporting Vehicles

Summertime was extremely busy and now is the best time for you to transport your car depending upon weather, vacation or school. If you are ... Read More →

Be Smart When Transporting an Auto

National Moving Month was May and that kicked off the busiest time of year for people to move. It also means that there are many companies t... Read More →

The Summer Auto Shipping Season

The prices can be somewhat higher to transport a vehicle during the summer. Often they are higher than during the earlier part of the year. ... Read More →

Prepare Your Car For Transport

You have selected a carrier and your car is set to be shipped - an important thing to do is to prepare your auto for shipping. This is impor... Read More →

Auto Shipping to New York City

New York City is the largest city in the U.S. and it is on of the most popular automobile transport locations. There is one issue - most car... Read More →

Transporting a Car to San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is a major city in the middle of Texas. Almost every interstate in Texas passes through or near San Antonio and it is a prime au... Read More →

Shipping an Auto to Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you are considering transporting a vehicle to Minneapolis, MN you should check when you are shipping the vehicle because prices during th... Read More →

Transporting a Car to San Diego

San Diego is a major port city in the southern part of California. It is a popular terminal on the west coast for auto shippers running rout... Read More →

Advice - How to Ship My Car

You are either coming home or going off to college, relocating cross-country for that important job, or going to your 2nd home, o... Read More →

Auto Shipping - Time For "Plan B"

The Spring Holidays are now upon us and those of you shipping cars to their "summer homes" need to be aware that there are hundreds ... Read More →

The Time Has Come to Make a Decision to Ship Your Auto!

Many customers are price oriented and make decisions based on this. Most times this factor is not the answer to determine the best way to tr... Read More →

Who Ships Cars and Facts About Car Transport Companies

Almost every vehicle on the road has been transported at one time or another. Even brand new cars need to be transported from the manufactur... Read More →

Car Shipping News

The cost of shipping a car depends on a few factors. Two of the most important are the time of year and the route. April-May starts the busy... Read More →

Auto Transport - Time to Ship Your Car Back For the Spring!

Even though it is still cold in the northern part of the country, it's time to start planning to ship your auto from its winter location... Read More →

Is It Ok to Put Personal Things In My Car While It is Being Transported?

While your vehicle is being transported, most drivers will allow anywhere from 50-100 pounds in the trunk. Auto transporters are not license... Read More →

How Does the Auto Transport Industry Work?

The auto shipping industry can be a somewhat confusing to some people You need to understand how it works and then it will be much easier to... Read More →

Record Rainfall In South Florida Slows Travel

Several South Florida Counties have had unprecedented rainfall on Thursday, January 9th and Friday, January 10th. The ... Read More →

Weather Has an Effect on the Auto Transport Industry

More than 180 million people are feeling the effects of the polar temperatures in the Midwest, Northeast, and South Tuesday. The dangerously... Read More →

Get Ready For the New Year - Ship Your Car Without Stress!

With the New Year just around the corner, many people have put together their travel plans. At Auto Shipping TLC (Tender Loving Care), we ar... Read More →

Auto Auction Car Shipping

Online auctions are great place to find almost any type of vehicle such as your dream car, a new car, or a car that needs restoration. Onlin... Read More →

Understanding Auto Shipping Quotes

People always want to get many quotes and seek out the best of them. If you are looking for an auto shipping company to transport your car t... Read More →

Tips For Booking Your Car For Transport

Many customers like to cover all the bases. They may get a bunch of different auto shipping quotes, book with a couple different companies, ... Read More →

Auto Shipping - the Winter Shipping Season

The winter shipping season is a lot different than the summer shipping season. The weather is colder and snow is much more common in the nor... Read More →

Transporting a Vehicle That Does Not Run ('In-Op')

Transporting an "in-op" vehicle is complicated and a little more difficult than shipping a standard car. Cars are driven on and off ... Read More →

Before You Hire a Broker, Stop and Read This

Before you make a decision make sure you go to the Read More →

Some Of Your Questions Answered About Shipping a Car

Automobile shipping services can be expensive because it costs a lot of to operate a car carrier and transport a lot of cars to all destinat... Read More →

Shipping My Car - is It Worth It?

If you are wondering whether it makes financial sense to ship your car educate yourself about what the process for shipping a vehicle is.Read More →


If you are heading South or Southwest to spend winter in a warmer climate, keep in mind transporting your vehicle is not like making a fligh... Read More →

Do Your Homework - Reviews

Auto Shipping TLC encourages people wanting to ship their cars to do research. Recently, in S. Florida there was a story done on TV about on... Read More →

Let's Get Started....

Let's get started! You want to transport your car - please give us a call so that we can explain the process of shipping a vehicle to yo... Read More →


Good Morning and Welcome to Auto Shipping TLC's first Monday Morning Blog. Our goal is to share our knowledge with you about shipping al... Read More →

How Easy is It to Ship Your Car? wants to make your move experience as easy, convenient, and worry free as possible. Time constraints often make moving c... Read More →

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