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Weather Has an Effect on the Auto Transport Industry

Posted: January 9, 2014

More than 180 million people are feeling the effects of the polar temperatures in the Midwest, Northeast, and South Tuesday. The dangerously cold temperatures come after heavy snow from this current arctic chill lashed the Great Lakes and Midwest and moved over to the South and East Coast.

This arctic storm has produced, bitterly cold air - not seen in 20 years, for some locations and is staying in a huge section of the country. Those extremely cold temperatures and gusty winds are causing heavy lake-effect snow in some of the snow belts.

Single-digit temperatures reached as far south as Florida, Alabama, and Georgia where schools and businesses were closed due to the weather.

All of these factors play a part for drivers when transporting of automobiles.

Auto transport car haulers don't want to get caught in bad weather. Some will avoid operating routes that would take them through the area affected by a storm. Because of this, customer with vehicles in storm affected area will often experience delays and/or price increases.

  • Delays - Drivers will delay pick up, delivery or travel through areas affected by bad weather. While not all drivers will stop operating in bad weather areas, some or many will transport autos depending on the severity of the weather. The reduced number of drivers operating will result in delays in pick up and delivery.
  • Price Increases - Like all markets, auto transport prices change with supply and demand. When the supply of drivers drops it leaves too few drivers to meet the current demand. When this happens prices will tend to rise as customers compete for the remaining drivers. Those customers needing transport ASAP are most affected by this. In some instances, prices can rise very fast.

Drivers have no more interest to work in miserable or dangerous weather than you do.-However, there are almost always drivers that will do it if the pay is high enough. As a customer seeking to get your car moved you should consider waiting for prices to return to normal after the weather settles down. If you can't wait, be prepared pay more for your transport. You will be competing for a smaller number of drivers with other customers needing immediate transport.-Prices will increase but the sooner you act and get your vehicle on a truck the lower the cost is likely to be.

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