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Is It Ok to Put Personal Things In My Car While It is Being Transported?

Posted: January 30, 2014

While your vehicle is being transported, most drivers will allow anywhere from 50-100 pounds in the trunk. Auto transporters are not licensed to carry "household goods" but most take the theory "out of sight, out of mind". The drivers usually look in the trunk of a car as well as if they are told to do so by someone of authority (for instance, a highway patrolman or a representative of the Department of Transportation). Therefore, when putting personal items in your vehicle make sure that you have absolutely no more than 100 pounds of items in your trunk. We generally recommend shipping clothes and linens and nothing that is of great value or breakable, as they are generally light and for the most part, a full trunk of them is less than 100 pounds.

Transporters do carry insurance, but that is only for the vehicle itself. So be aware that no items in your trunk will be insured during transport. This is because automobile transporters are not licensed to carry household goods. This is also why it is recommended that you ship only clothes and linens - anything that can break, or that is expensive or difficult to replace, should definitely be shipped another way. Though transporters do their best to take care of the vehicles on their trucks and make sure that no one does anything, instances of things being stolen off or out of the cars have occurred. Is it rare? Absolutely! Transporters look in the trunks of their vehicles and they make sure to keep the doors locked at all times, but keep in mind (as if a car is parked in a lot or on a street) crowbar + window = easy access to a vehicle.

If you are looking to ship a vehicle of any type, Auto Shipping TLC (Tender Loving Care can certainly take care of this for you. You can fill out our free online quote request form (located on all pages of our website) and we can prepare a customized quote which will be e-mailed to you within ten minutes.

It is better if you supply your phone number. We can then prepare a quote and most important - explain the process of transporting a car during the conversation. All of your questions will be answered honestly and we can make you feel comfortable and start you on the way to having your car being shipped.

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