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5 Star Rating

April 23rd, 2018

Plymouth, MN

Believe the reviews.  This guy really does deliver excellent service with no surprises.  Unqualified confidence that he delivers the services he claims.  Will use him again.


5 Star Rating

April 13th, 2018

Peoria, AZ

Excellent communications from start to finish. The car arrived 1 day early in fine condition. Would highly recommend TLC Shipping and the driver was professional.

Great Job! Thanks


5 Star Rating

April 6th, 2018

Seattle, WA

Jerry was fantastic! I had a car breakdown on a trip to Miami and needed to ship the car back to Sarasota. At first we had a few misunderstandings all caused by my lack of knowledge of what was involved. I called 5 or more companies near by and everyone was nice but no one really helped me understand the process like Jerry did. My situation was complicated by several issues of my making, a third party ownership, another party paying and yet another party receiving and paying on the other end. On top of all that my phone stopped working in the middle of the process. I bought a new one. Jerry was patient, flexible and adaptable to every technical glitch that arose to get authorization signatures, liability released, and payment guarantees in place. He found transport within 24 hours of our connecting and the vehicle made it safely as agreed upon. In conclusion I have nothing but positive comments about my experience. My only disappointment was not having the opportunity to meet him in person and get to chat over a beer or coffee. 


5 Star Rating

March 21st, 2018

Melville, NY

Approximately 2 weeks before I was to ship my car, my carrier called me and told me he could not ship it. I was in a state of panic, as I had already booked my flight home. I called Jerry at Auto Shipping.Jerry told me not to worry, he would take care of it. I was a bit skeptical, as I had never dealt with Auto Shipping before. The car was picked up on the day it was supposed to be and delivered on the day that he said it would be. Everything was very smooth and I would recommend Jerry to my Florida friends.


5 Star Rating

February 3rd, 2018

Boynton Beach, FL

Hey all, I'm few weeks late on writing this post due to working so much. Anyway Jerry helped me through the ENTIRE process!!!! THIS WAS PROFESSIONAL, HONEST, QUICK AND EASY getting everything ready for my vehicle to be shipped way from FL to MN. I was even given my driver number to keep in contact about delivery. Jerry you are awesome!!! THANK YOU for everything!!!!!! Trust Auto Shipping TLC with your vehicle needs. Pay It Forward and send anyone/everyone you know to Jerry.


5 Star Rating

November 30th, 2017

Staten Island, NY

First time shipping a vehicle and it could not have gone any better or been any easier. Jerry fully explained the process, found a great hauler, and succefully got my car from New York to Florida in about 96 hours from first contact to delivery.



5 Star Rating

November 21st, 2017

Asheville, NC

Jerry, and Auto Shipping TLC, are true professionals when it comes to transporting your vehicle. After researching Auto Shipping TLC on the Better Business Bureau website, I called Jerry on a Wednesday afternoon. By Thursday morning, Jerry called me with details of an enclosed carrier for our vehicle and on Friday evening I was meeting with the driver to load the vehicle. Our vehicle arrived at the destination on Sunday evening and drop off was arranged for Monday morning.

The speed of the delivery was truly impressive (I had received some quotes with estimated delivery time around 3 weeks) but the level of professionalism and care by the staff at Auto Shipping TLC was top notch. Jerry answered all my questions and kept me informed every step of the way, and he even called the day after delivery to follow-up and ensure the vehicle had been delivered as promised.

We would highly recommend Jerry and the team at Auto Shipping TLC for anyone considering transporting their vehicle.


5 Star Rating

November 14th, 2017

Delray Beach, FL

I needed to ship my Mom’s car up to New Jersey in hurry. I was lucky to find Gerry.He got it done in less than twenty minutes with a reliable carrier. He did this on Saturday afternoon. The car arrived safe and sound in less than 2 days door to door. Thanks again Gerry you you don’t know how much you help me out.


5 Star Rating

September 19th, 2017

Atlanta, GA

This is the ABSOLUTE best company you can possibly use for your automobile shipping needs. We had a negative experience with another company that promised us the world and took advantage of my elderly mother. Jerry the owner of Auto Shipping TLC stepped in and made the process as smooth as possible. Jerry is hands-on and really cares about the customer. If he could drive the truck to your front door, he would. Please consider Auto Shipping TLC for your vehicle transportation needs. You will not regret it!! Thanks Jerry for being an honest, upstanding individual


5 Star Rating

August 28th, 2017

San Antonio, FL

This was my first time shipping a car and the number of emails soliciting services can be very overwhelming. Most of the emails are very impersonal and seem to be auto generated, where they quote you a price and you really don't have contact with a person.

Auto Shipping TLC's email was different and Jerry encouraged me to call him so he could explain the whole process. I did and I am glad! He explained the process and reassured me he would be monitoring the shipment from beginning to end.

As one can expect there was a small glitch with the pickup date due to the truck breaking down, but even though it was Saturday morning I was able to email and speak to Jerry on the phone to get the problem solved and my car picked up.

I highly recommend Auto Shipping TLC for your next auto transport; Jerry is very knowledgeable and professional.


5 Star Rating

August 23rd, 2017

El Centro, CA

I had to tap the service of Jerry the owner of Auto Shipping TLC some time in June 2017 because we were in need of a reputable company that can move my car from Laredo, Texas to El Centro, California. 'Coz the nature of my work would really need this kind of service from him. It was my first time to ever need this during that time. Good thing that I had this nurse friend who had a good feedback and referred his company to me. True enough, I was very lucky because even though at first it was really hard to get somebody to move our car from these two points, Jerry did not leave us behind and really booked a kind driver that can move the vehicle considering the far locations relative to each other. They arrived promptly as scheduled when they picked-up and delivered the car. Thanks for the smooth transaction. Totally a worthwhile business will be done if a client books with this company. Trustworthy and will never cease to help.


5 Star Rating

August 7th, 2017

Austin, TX

Fate led me to find Jerry and I'm so happy it did, I've used his company several times in the past few years and have never had a bad experience, he offers exceptional customer service and is always a delight to talk with; I would never hesitate to recommend Auto Shipping TLC to anyone, I have complete confidence in Jerry and his ability to take care of business and keep me completely informed every step of the way.


5 Star Rating

June 20th, 2017

Chicago, IL

 Jerry, Great job as usual Big Guy. You are always squared away my friend. Thanks 


5 Star Rating

April 25th, 2017

New York, NY

This was my first time shipping a vehicle and I needed it done from Florida to New York on short notice. After doing a little research, I contacted Auto Shipping TLC and spoke with Jerry, who explained the process, cost, etc. I felt confident that the process was on the "up-and -up" and agreed to use them. Jerry was responsive to the few additional inquiries I had during the process and I'm happy to report that my vehicle is in New York, delivered to the agreed location even sooner than expected. I highly recommend Auto Shipping TLC. Well done!


5 Star Rating

April 21st, 2017

Vero Beach, FL

This was my first time trying to transport a car. The choices of companies is overwhelming. Jerry was honest and helpful. I trusted him 100%. He stayed in contact, did his best to get the best price for me and to find a reliable driver to move my car. I enjoyed talking to him and doing business with him. I would recommend him to a friend in a heartbeat.


5 Star Rating

March 13th, 2017

Boynton Beach, FL

Auto Shipping TLC,Inc I had to get to Fla. with a one way ticket to handle a family issue,the type no one ever wants to deal with,The passing of my father.all my time going back and forth to be with my dad and taking care of family business.The least of my concerns was getting dads jeep back to K.C.,I goggled car shippers and must have called 5 or 6 of them ,of course their only concern is about their quote and at their convenience of time not mine. Given a three hour window on this particular day,Time was not a luxury I could afford. Auto Shipping TLC (Jerry) Jerrys understanding of my situation and availability of "TIME'. Was completely willing to work with me.Pickup date was negotiable and was willing to give me a 30 min.window of time worked out with full cooperation of his driver.25 minutes later we met up at my fathers house,inspected the car together,signed the contract ,gave him the required deposit and off we both left in separate directions. About an hour later Jerry called me at the hospital to asked how I was holding up and if the transaction went well with his driver. WOW! A company that cared about the well beings of his customer 1st Dad past and I went flew back to KC a few days later,the driver called to give me an approximate time of delivery.Time was no longer an issue.The car arrived with no new dings or dents as I expected. Auto Shipping TLC was not the cheapest quote,Jerry i would have paid more!


5 Star Rating

March 6th, 2017

Houston, TX

Jerry is amazing ! And very professional and personable this was my first time shipping a car and he made me feel so comfortable through the whole process ! I called extremely late not taking into consideration the time difference and he still worked with me ! He's an amazing guy !! I was referred to him by 2 of my friends who shipped to New York and the other Atlanta ! We are all very satisfied !!


5 Star Rating

March 4th, 2017

Pearl, MS

I have never shipped a vehicle before, and this company went above and beyond to give me peace of mind to take the utmost care for my vehicle.  Service was exceptional and the staff even answered the phone after posted business hours to answer any questions that I had with the process.  I would highly recommend this company to anyone, and will definitely go out of my way to use them again.  I shipped my vehicle from FL to MS, and when the car was delivered it looked even better than when I saw it at the dealership.  Jerry treated my vehicle better than I could have, and made sure that every detail was taken care of with quality.  Thanks Jerry, it was a pleasure doing business.


5 Star Rating

February 21st, 2017

Boyton Beach, FL

Jerry was nothing but upfront and honest with what I had to get accomplished - he found a driver who was equally upfront and communicated very well - could not have been smoother - will use again no doubt! Thanks again Jerry!


5 Star Rating

February 3rd, 2017

Boyton Beach, FL

I would like to say before I found Jerry I was in desperate need for a new car to be shipped from the east coast to the west coast. The dealer I was dealing with could not find a transporter with an enclose trailer to transport my car. I finally told the dealer I was going to look for someone to transport my car. I searched around and found it is difficult to find a reputable transporter. I checked out many of them before I got in touch with Jerry at Auto Shipping TLC, Inc.. I found that Jerry lets you know how the process works and what you need to do to get it done right in a professional manner. I decided to use Jerry at Auto Shipping TLC, Inc. and that was the best thing I could have done. Every time I called or emailed Jerry he was right there to answer my questions. When you are transporting a new Corvette Grand Sport you want the right people to get it done and Jerry was the right person. Looks like Jerry deals with the top of the line transporters and found me one a couple of days later. Jerry let me know what it was going to cost and would work out a deal with the driver. It was a little more than expected but I told Jerry to lets go with this driver. Being that there was bad weather on the east coast the driver Jerry hired took the right steps in waiting a day or two before loading the car of his trailer. That I thought was a person who is concerned about my car as if it was his own. Jerry stayed in touch with the driver to make sure what day the car was being picked up. The entire time if I had a question I would call Jerry and he found out the answers quickly. Jerry gave me the drivers contact information and I was able to contact the driver to see how his trip was going and get a schedule date of when the car would arrive. The driver was on time with his estimate (and a few hours early) when he showed up with the car. We had to move the drop off area because of the size of his trailer; we went a few miles down the road and found a nice large area so he could drop off the car safely. Once the car was delivered I called Jerry to let him know everything went well and I had the car. If I ever need a car moved again I'll definitely call Jerry again. The dealer I purchased the car from said they plan on using Jerry at Auto Shipping TLC, Inc next time they have to deliver a car. Thanks Jerry.


5 Star Rating

February 3rd, 2017

Chicago, IL

I used Auto Shipping TLC to arrange the transportation of two cars, from the Chicago area to Maryland it was my second time using them in the last three years. I reused them because I was very impressed with the patience, honesty, integrity and thoroughness of the way Jerry C. dealt with me, managed the process and contracted dependable, careful drivers to provide the service. One of my cars is an antique (non-running, in a restoration process and required special handling and enclosed transport. Jerry arranged perfect carriers for that car. My wife had to get the other car picked up as she was enroute to the airport, he found the perfect driver to work with her and even made sure she had Uber to get her to her flight. If I need to move my vehicles again m, Jerry and AUTO SHIPPING TLC is my choice.


5 Star Rating

January 15th, 2017

Boynton Beach, FL

First time shipping a car to Florida and my transaction was perfect from beginning to end. Would absolutely recommend Jerry to any friend or family member!


5 Star Rating

December 22nd, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

I called Jerry's company because of the great BBB reviews on line and because his company Auto Shipping TLC had an A+ rating with the BBB. Jerry was very professional in answering my questions and in arranging a great carrier to pick up my car and deliver it exactly when he said they would. I am so thankful I checked his BBB rating because my total experience was outstanding. He truly deserves an A+ rating. I say this because 2 years ago I did not do my homework and had a negative experience with a different auto transport company. I can say I recommend Jerry without hesitation and will definitely use him again when the need arises.


5 Star Rating

November 26th, 2016

Birmingham, AL

I was trying to avoid the spam when finding a company to ship my car. Somehow I ended up getting on that list. So I received 10/12 shippers spamming my email. Since I was in this position, I took the time to do my homework and weed out the good ones. I ended up with three. Auto Shipping TLC was the ONLY broker/company that had an A+ rating with the BBB. Which is really important to me. Looking a little more deeply I was convinced Jerry was the guy I needed to call. Jerry picked up the phone and took the time to tell me who he was, how he searches for movers, what his expectations are from carriers, and what I need to be aware with the people in this business(who aren't so professional). I did look one more time to make sure my car was gonna be in the best hands possible. I decided the next day he was definitely the guy who had my best interest. I called Jerry a second time and told him I needed my car from Alabama to Colorado. He told me roughly what the cost would be and he was guessing when I may get my car delivered. The tough part was this shipment was days before Thanksgiving. Jerry called me back within 30 minutes and said my car would get to me 5 days earlier than expected! He was disappointed he wasn't able to get me a better deal. But I was completely pleased with the magic he was able to work for me both in shipping time and price! Jerry is an honest and good man. It's obvious when dealing with him. He is really working for you. And is looking out for your best interest! Also this is exemplified by how he conducts his business and talking to him. Auto Shipping TLC is the obvious choice in this world of moving vehicles. I could not not recommend him enough! He impressed me so much. I would take this great man out for a drink any day. And with out a doubt, I will use him again in the future!


5 Star Rating

November 21st, 2016

Baltimore, MD

I highly recommend Auto Shipping TLC! I had done quite a bit of research and when I came upon Jerry, he took his time and explained exactly how the process works. We were shipping my daughter's new car from California to Baltimore and I do admit during the process I began to worry wondering if I made the right choice (because I worry about everything!). Jerry reassured me throughout the shipment. He was always there to answer any questions and followed up after delivery. I would definitely use Auto Shipping TLC again. Many thanks Jerry!


5 Star Rating

November 16th, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

After checking several auto shipping companies out , I found that Auto Shipping TLC was different. Jerry takes the time to explain the shipping process , and is there for the customer from pickup to delivery. Thank you Jerry for your professionalism , honesty , and great work ethic.


5 Star Rating

November 3rd, 2016

Seattle, WA

Auto Shipping TLC did a Great Job arranging for the shipment of my classic car from the Canadian border in Washington state to Florida. The owner Jerry Cohen did a very good job explaining the process at the beginning, and in fact was not only the lowest price for his services, he explained why other company's quotes rose in cost after the initial quote. As soon as I had confirmation of my purchase Jerry located a trucking company and driver within 24 hours, the "7-10" day time period ended up being exactly 7 days, and Jerry kept in contact with me with progress reports while my car was in transit. After the delivery he did a followup call to confirm that I was satisfied and that all was good. Great service by a true Professional.


5 Star Rating

September 29th, 2016

New York, NY

Jerry, the owner, was great. He was straight forward and to the point. No scams and no dream selling, he tells you how it is in this business and how he can help, that is it. He came through in a week to send my car to tampa for new york and at a reasonable price within 3 days. Everything worked out and I am glad I did my research and went with this company instead of the very first company that called me. Most of them are sharks. I would highly recommend Jerry and his company because of their professionalism, attentiveness, patients, and no BS attitude.


5 Star Rating

September 23rd, 2016

The Villages, FL

I used Auto Shipping TLC to ship my 1972 Mustang and my 2015 Honda CRC from NJ to The Villages, Florida. They did an outstanding job. Both vehicles were picked up on the day I requested. They were delivered in three days. They treated the cars with extra care. They arrive just like the day they left. The drivers were polite and courteous. Price was reasonable. Dealing with Jerry C. was a real pleasure. He is a man of his word. I would definitely use them again. Their level of communication was excellent. Kudos to him and his staff.


5 Star Rating

September 11th, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

Jerry takes the time to tell you what is going to happen and how it will . Everything he said was true and went as smooth as silk. Car delivered on time by a trucking firm that called you to let you know where they were and how on time there schedule was working. .all in all..great experience. .thanks Jerry!


5 Star Rating

September 1st, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

This was my first time using a transport service. I read some reviews on what to look for and what to stay away from. I contacted Auto Transport and Jerry explained everything about how the industry works. He kept me informed through the entire process as well as the driver who called me with updates on the delivery time. When the car arrived the driver unloaded the car, went over the car for any nicks or scratches and even installed my plates for me. Jerry confirmed the car was delivered on time and made sure the entire process was handled correctly. I would strongly recommend Auto Shipping to anyone lookin to transport their car.


5 Star Rating

August 7th, 2016

San Francisco, CA

I needed to find a shipping service to transport my sons vehicle from California to Pennsylvania. I did a Google search and came across Auto Shipping TLC, Inc. I called Jerry's Co because of the great reviews. I knew the minute I spoke with Jerry I was going to use his service; he was the real deal. He explained everything about the transport of the vehicle and what I needed to do, what it looked like from the CA end and how it looked in the PA end. Jerry told me who I would be speaking with in CA and he kept in close contact with me throughout the process. I had never shipped a car before and I had heard some "stories" - Jerry took that fear away immediately. Jerry was excellent from start to finish and I highly recommend him for your car transport.


5 Star Rating

July 7th, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

Excellent service!! Jerry calls, texts or emails back right away if you contact him. Very courteous and very helpful. He found us a carrier even though our location was very challenging due to being far from major metropolitan area. The carrier was also excellent and got the car to the destination on time, and driver was courteous. This was our first time shipping a car and we didn't know what to expect. Definitely use this company if you have any anxiety about shipping a car. Jerry will explain everything thoroughly and will be with you every step of the way!


5 Star Rating

June 27th, 2016

Cleveland, OH

It was my first time ever getting a car shipped so I was a little bit hesitate about the whole process. I ended up calling the owner Jerry from Auto Shipping TLC and we spoke about getting my car shipped and I made sure I told him that this was my first time shipping a car. My car was going from Ohio to a small town in Mississippi. He walked step by step with me throughout the whole process. He found a driver for me the day before I wanted it to be shipped. But the driver wasn't gone make it to the dealership in daylight hours so we pushed it back til the next which was ok. He may sure everything was is done in daylight so the chances of something happening to my vehicle was decreased. The guy picked my car bright and early the next morning and delivered it the very same day even though he said a day or two. But my overall experience was great. I like the fact the Jerry and I was in constant communication whether through email or phone calls. He never mislead one bit he was very honest and I appreciate everything he and everyone had done for me at Auto Shipping TLC


5 Star Rating

June 20th, 2016

Boynton Beach, FL

I had a very good experience working with Jerry through Auto Shipping TLC. After reading many negative reviews of other auto shippers I had anticipated delays in pick-up or delivery or price discrepancies but I encountered no issues with this company. My truck was picked-up and delivered on the dates promised and at the price we agreed upon. I was very relieved to have chosen a company which treated me with honesty and earned my trust. I will gladly use them again if the need arises and recommend them to anyone who is transporting a vehicle.


5 Star Rating

April 8th, 2016

New York, NY

We found Auto Shipping TLC while searching for a way to ship our elderly relative's car from Florida to NY. We were very heartened to read the positive reviews on the Better Business Bureau website and felt comfortable using Auto Shipping TLC because of those good reviews, as we know that many companies in this industry are less than trustworthy and do not deliver as promised., Thankfully, we can confirm that Auto Shipping TLC is not one of those - we were very pleased with their service! Jerry took a personal interest in making sure that our needs were met and was very responsive to our questions and our somewhat complicated needs. He replied to phone calls and emails quickly even if it was late at night or the weekend and helped arrange the pickup while we were out of town, making sure that everything would go smoothly and that all of our questions were answered. He really went above and beyond to help us with our situation, including changing dates and helping to coordinate multiple individuals involved in the pick up and drop off. The transport went off without a hitch thanks to his great customer service. We would definitely recommend this business to others.


5 Star Rating

February 9th, 2016

Dallas, TX

After researching auto transport companies, I called the local number at Auto Shipping TLC and spoke to Jerry. He walked me through the process and called back an hour later with a driver able to take my car from Palm Beach Gardens, FL to Dallas. We arranged for pick up the next morning at 11 am. I received a phone call the next morning at 8 am telling me to expect the driver to call when he was in the area. At 10:30 am I got a call from the driver and we arranged to meet at the nearby Home Depot (as he had a large car carrier trailer) The car arrived in Dallas on the promised date! The entire experience was not only efficient, but Jerry was there to make sure everything was going as planned. The driver himself was friendly and drove me back home. It was also comforting to have the driver's cell phone number, though I didn't need it.


5 Star Rating

October 30th, 2014

Boston, MA

This was my first experience shipping a vehicle from MA to FL. In researching different companies and reading reviews online (including numerous horror stories) I knew it would be essential to carefully screen for a reputable broker to handle the transport of my in-laws a€™ brand new Honda CRV. The effort spent on this was well rewarded with my choice of Auto Transport TLC to handle our needs. The quote of $1,000 at peak season was very reasonable given a pick-up time within only 4 days and delivery to FL no more than 5 days later. Jerry Cohen, owner of Auto Transport TLC, had extensive knowledge of the industry and knew which trucking companies are the most reliable. He promptly and honestly responded to my questions and concerns from initial contact to final delivery. The vehicle was picked up on day 1 of the 4 day window and delivered in the same perfect condition it left in 4 days later. The service was so prompt that the vehicle was to arrive 1 day before my in-laws would be flying down. Jerry went above and beyond by taking delivery of the vehicle himself to help out as he lived in the same city as my in-laws. As if that was not enough, he also offered to bring it to the airport and pick them up when they arrived. As long as my snowbird in-laws keep heading south for the winter we will be contacting Jerry to handle transport of their vehicle back and forth.

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