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Snowbird Car Shipping

Posted: August 25, 2020

The winter months bring freezing temperatures to the northern states which is why snowbirds migrate south for the cold season. When it comes time to head to your winter home, let Auto Shipping TLC take care of getting your car to your final destination. We transport vehicles from one place to another for a variety of reasons but one of our most popular specialties is delivering personal vehicles promptly and safely to the southern homes of snowbirds for the winter months, then bringing them back north once more, when warm temperatures return in spring.

Why Call an Auto Shipping Service When You Head South?

Birds are the most efficient of autumn commuters. There is a reason they fly south. Air travel is comparatively safe and hassle free. But birds do not need cars in winter. It is so much easier for us to fly south too. Yet, since we do not have our own wings, we need our vehicles once we reach balmier climates. How can this dilemma be addressed? By calling a vehicle shipping service.

A Better Value than Driving Yourself

Driving your own vehicle south for the winter is not an inexpensive or easy experience. There is the cost of fuel to consider, and we can't forget the wear and tear on your car. If your trip will take more than one day, you will also have one or more night's stay in a hotel to add to the total trip cost, plus meals in restaurants will be necessary, something that may not be always be an attractive option. We never know when a vehicle may break down. Should that happen when far from home, it can be the start of a highly stressful experience. Waiting for a tow truck alongside a busy highway is incredibly risky. In an unfamiliar location, it is difficult to decide which repair shop to trust, often troublesome to find one that can service your vehicle promptly. In such a case, you would need to find a place to stay, transportation to the auto shop when the service is finished. Not the most pleasant start to a vacation in the south, to say the least. When you weigh the cost of having your auto transported against the cost and hassle of driving yourself, vehicle shipping will likely seem the sensible choice.

The Two Car Family Consideration

Even those who prefer to drive themselves may wish to have more than one vehicle available during their southern winter. Yet perhaps there is not a second willing driver. In such cases, contacting us to transport the extra vehicle is the answer. Your drive south together will be pleasant. Your spare vehicle ready for use when you arrive.

The Safety Factor

America's roads are getting bumpier and more dangerous, according to a number of authoritative reports. Higher speed limits and heavier traffic in many states in recent years has increased the risk of significant injury, should a collision occur. Highways are filled with hazards that endanger drivers, passengers, car frames and suspension systems. Why assume the risk of an accident on the interstate when you can fly or take another form of transportation to your home in the south, while we ship your car with care.

We Treat Vehicles With TLC

Our company's title doesn't have the abbreviation TLC for nothing. We treat your car the way we would if it were ours. We ship your vehicle from your home in the northern climate to Florida, Texas, California, or any other state of your choice for the winter. Shipping is carried out promptly. Care is taken to avoid any type of damage. Our carriers are fully insured. We do not just accept their word. We require an insurance certificate and track their coverage, so we always know they are fully insured.

How Soon Can Shipment Be Arranged?

It is always best to book as far ahead of the time you need your car as possible. But the best time to book a trip for your car is always at the particular time when you need it transported. Whenever you decide to head south, contact us. If you are leaving on short notice, we will arrange for prompt transport if at all possible. We offer door to door pickup and delivery, so you do not have to be at home when we arrive for your vehicle.

How Long Does Shipping a Vehicle Take?

We can normally get your car from one point to another within the continental United States within 7 to 10 days. Less than a week is the ETA for many transport trips. Certain times of year, for example just prior to and following holidays, require more road time, due to increased traffic volume. Severe weather, problems at pickup and delivery locations and other unexpected factors beyond our control can create unexpected delays in some cases, but we will do our best to prevent such problems.

Where Do We Pick Up and Deliver Vehicles?

Any destination in the United States is a possibility for us. Some locations may require pickup at a site more appropriate, a place safe and accessible for our transport vehicle. Arrangements can be made when we discuss your specific situation. Our most popular delivery route is from New York City to Florida, but we cover the entire country.

Why Book with Auto Shipping TLC?

Open carrier, closed carrier and motorcycle shipping services are available via Auto Shipping TLC. We strive to use the type that will be safest for your vehicle. Our thoughtful staff will ask you questions in order to decide which is most appropriate. We want your winter holiday to be as worry free as possible, your trips between seasonal homes, effortless. We are thankful to our loyal customers, heartened that many have expressed satisfaction with our services. We strive to continue that level of care. Some comments may be viewed in the reviews section of our website. You can trust Auto Shipping TLC to provide the most caring of service. Ready to head south? Get a quote. Need more information? Contact us.

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