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Have You Ever Shipped a Vehicle Before?

Posted: September 25, 2018

The first thing we ask any potential customer is "Have you ever Shipped a Vehicle"? Some say yes, some say no. The reason we ask is that I want to know how much they know about the Auto Shipping/Transport Industry. Let me explain the process and I can almost guarantee that no one will have explained the auto transport process to you the way I will. The most important thing before you ship your vehicle is to take any company's name and type it into Google's search bar (Type Auto Shipping TLC- BBB Reviews) Then read the ratings, reviews and complaints. Why, because you only want to deal with a Reputable and Honest broker that has your best interests at hand . Many companies have (F-Ratings) and by the time an issue arises it is too late because you didn't do your due diligence!

Auto Shipping TLC- Shipping Process

One thing that sets us apart from all other brokers is that we use first call carriers. What is the first call carrier? A first call carrier is a transporter that we have a relationship with. Most importantly, we have a certificate of insurance that includes the name of our company as the certificate holder. The only way a carrier can get this for us as a transport broker is if their insurance is up to date and current. We are notified if their insurance has been canceled and/or renewed so were always in the loop with their insurance.

We will only use carriers that have a rating 98% and above. It doesn't matter if they have a 97.9% rating as we will not put your vehicle on anybody's truck unless they have a 98% rating and above. It's a very high bar that we set, and we do this because we try to minimize any kind of unforeseen problem(s) that could possibly arise. This goes for any type of vehicle that you are shipping...whether it's a 1976 Toyota Corolla or 2017 Mercedes-Benz. We make sure that nobody's car is going on anybody's truck unless they have again a 98% rating.

Working with first call carriers typically means there's a good chance that if they have space we can put your vehicle on their truck and they're going to work with us on price. This is because of the business that we have been sending him during course of the years. Again, it's all contingent to a carrier HAVING THE SPACE on their truck to move your vehicle. If they do not have space, then we must post your vehicle to a board called central that is a universal board that every transporter uses. That's why if you call 5 different brokers you will get all kinds of different prices high or low to move your vehicle - it does not matter. It should be told that nobody, including us, knows the final price until we speak to a carrier. Once I speak to a carrier that's when I'm going to know exactly when your auto can be picked up, dropped off and exactly what it's going to cost to move that vehicle based on your criteria. Once we have that information from the carrier that's when we come back to you and say dear customer I have a carrier for you and this is what he needs to move your vehicle, and do you want to move it? You are absolutely under no obligation whatsoever to move your vehicle. If you want to move it or if you don't you have to do what's right and comfortable for you and only you. It's your money and your vehicle, therefore, you make the decision that suits you best.

Auto Shipping TLC - Most Importantly

Auto Shipping TLC Inc. is not here just to move a vehicle. We are here with the basis of helping people get their vehicle in a timely manner from point A to point B with minimum stress on your part. That being said, the one thing we tell every and anybody that calls is to not to give a credit card deposit up front to anyone. The reason I say this is that is a lot of companies have embedded in their contracts a cancellation fee or nonrefundable deposit. Perfect example, I will get customers that call me with a "clean up on aisle 4", which consists of a customer saying I was working with the company and they were supposed to pick up my vehicle and then I say to myself here we go again. I asked the customer what's the name of the driver that was supposed to ship your vehicle? That is when my phone typically sounds totally silent. Why, because I see their vehicles sitting on central and if it was dispatched, and your car would still not be on the board.

Auto Shipping TLC - The Dispatch Process

Once I get a carrier that's interested in moving your vehicle, that's when I call you and tell you that I have a carrier for your car and this is how much they need to move it. At that point in time is when you give us permission to move your vehicle this is what's going to happen. I will get a deposit using your credit card, then send you a shipping invoice for you to sign and you can either fax or email the paperwork back to me. The carrier is also getting documentation to sign and get back to me as well. Once I have both documents in hand, I will then send you what's called a dispatch notice with the Company's name as well as the Driver's Name and Phone Number. This is who will be picking up your vehicle and transporting it to your specified location. That way you know your car was dispatched and somebody's coming to pick up your vehicle. Now that you are well informed on how the process works, no one will take advantage of you when it comes to shipping your vehicle.

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