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What is it door-to-door car delivery?

Door-to-door car delivery means that the automobile carrier will get as close to your residence as possible without risking damage to your vehicle or the car carrier. But many communities have restrictions regarding large trucks and prohibit them from entering residential areas. If access to your home is restricted by low bridges, narrow streets, tight turns, wires, overhanging trees, or other obstacles, then the driver will contact you to meet in an agreed upon place to pick up and deliver your vehicle.

That being said, door-to-door car delivery is the most convenient way to transport a car. However, the name can be slightly misleading. Door-to-door means that we strive to transport your car from your pickup location's door to your drop-off location's door, but unfortunately this does not always happen to be your literal driveway. We get your car as close as physically possible without risking the safety of your car or our carrier and adhering to all local guidelines and physical limitations.

Most Localities Restrict Semi-Trucks

As stated earlier, most localities restrict semi-trucks from being in residential areas. Furthermore, residential areas just were not designed for car carriers. Our transport trucks are also very long, often clocking in at over 75 feet. Since they need space to turn around, your driveway may not be the best location to unload your vehicle. Other geographical barriers may also exist. If access to your drop-off location is restricted by low bridges, narrow streets, tight turns, wires, branches or overhanging trees, or any other reasons, we will still make sure your car gets delivered even if the truck cannot get to your door! The driver will contact you to meet in a mutually agreed upon convenient place to pick up and deliver your vehicle.

If you're worried about getting to an easy unloading location, know that we give 12-24 hours of notice before delivery. If you know these barriers exist before shipping, we are also happy to pre-determine a meeting location and will work with you to make sure your car is delivered, safe and sound.

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